Want to control your alarm on your phone? Want an integrated alarm and CCTV system?


The brand new Enforcer HomeControl+ system delivers the security benefits of the multi-award winning two-way wireless Enforcer technology, as well as access and control of your home from anywhere in the world via your smart device.

Through the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App IP infrastructure, your smartphone can literally act as a portable keypad to allow you to receive customisable notifications, set and unset areas with easy padlock icons, check the status of every sensor on your system and open your garage, close a blind or turn on and off various appliances with simple switches.

Additionally, the introduction of 720p HD IP external and internal cameras to the HomeControl+ range provides the ability to add live video monitoring to your system. This means that now, rather than simply securing your home or commercial building, you can do that while checking on an elderly relative who perhaps lives on their own, checking on your property when the alarm is activated or checking that your children have arrived home safely from school.

The Pyronix HomeControl+ App is available in two versions: On Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

All the benefits of the Enforcer two way wireless technology now with an app.

No on-site IT configuration

The Enforcer HomeControl+ App is connected to a cloud server with 3-way verification, so there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection on site. Instead, you simply set up an account on PyronixCloud.com

Highly secure connection

The HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud communications are fully encrypted to the highest standard (AES 256) and no sensitive user data is stored on the PyronixCloud.

Independent areas

The introduction of independent areas enables easier control of outbuildings, garages and sheds, allowing end users to unset areas of the system in isolation, without having to unset the system as a whole.

Preserve battery power

Instant two-way device control enables immediate wake-up and sleep of devices; preserving battery power while maintaining a highly secure system.

No wires, no fuss

As the system is fully wireless there is no need to run wiring; saving you time and money.

One range, ultimate flexibility

With a full range of security and safety sensors, you can adapt the system to fit the property.


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